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20 years of experience – meeting, business, events

More than 1,700 events and about 300,000 guests speak for themselves. Benefit from our 20 years of experience in hosting events and knowledge in various industries, markets and media.


Whether you are looking to host a reception, a catwalk event, a discussion group or a high tech presentation, we will provide you with adequate locations including backstage and catering areas. We offer perfect event technology including professionals who cater towards your technological needs on a scale from unobtrusively supportive to actively high tech. Flexible and tailored to your requests – from sound equipment to high definition television, live broadcasts via ISDN and fiber glass satellite links.


Impress your guests with a successful presentation and impeccably applied resources. At Studio 44 we certify your events with the Austrian eco-label for Green Meetings / Green Events.

guests were welcomed by us in the first 20 years
business events have been hosted at Studio 44
event coordinators guarantee a successful event
light, sound and image technicians make your wishes come true
stage guests have experienced highly emotional and moving life moments with us
square meters of backstage and catering area allow your event to go smoothly

STUDIO 44 - Location for your Events in Vienna

Studio 44 has been hosting the Austrian lotteries since 1994.
Flexible, modern and versatile, Studio 44 has been renovated many times and is second to none for successful events.
50 to 460 people, 100 to 1,000 square meters of usable area – modern technology on site and an efficient team of event coordination experts to guide and support you.
The two areas Studio 44 Hall and Studio 44 Loft including professional side rooms are an ideal environment for press conferences, presentations, discussions, club events or exclusive receptions as well as award ceremonies, festivities and shows.

As a licensee for the Austrian eco-label Studio 44, it is also Vienna’s prime address for Green Events requiring certification on site.

The hall in the building of the Austrian Lotteries, designed as back-up studio for the drawing of the lottery numbers, becomes available for events. The first event takes place on April 21, 1994.

The Studio receives its new name: Studio 44 merging multifunctional, high-tech equipment with the location Rennweg 44.

In his new concept, architect Stuart A. Veech combines the most recent media technology with modern design, giving Studio 44 its current look. Light, form and color act as the focal design elements.

Three HD camera production units ring in the era of high definition at Studio 44.

This purchase is followed by the acquisition of two HD beamers and a Kahuna vision mixer.

Studio 44 is honored with the Austrian eco-label and entitled to conduct and certify Green Meetings / Green Events.

In the course of a reconstruction of the entrance area, Studio 44 is turned into a multifunctional event and meeting place. Once again, Stuart A. Veech is commissioned as an architect.


The Austrian Lottery Association is an internationally recognized gambling company known for its responsible, innovative and fair behavior. We offer a wide range of high quality games to our adult costumers. “Responsible gambling” is the basis of our commitment to stakeholders and put into practice by our management and employees.

Our customers’ and franchisers’ trust is our greatest concern. We combine regulatory responsibility and entrepreneurial commitment, live for these principles and work successfully. Our business model is characterized by innovative energy. The company owes its leading role first and foremost to its motivated and performance-oriented employees who act as the backbone to lasting success. We develop and use modern technology to ensure the optimum gaming security.

Dr. Karl Stoss
Dr. Karl Stoss


Studio 44 represents the Austrian Lotteries’ event-ace to be discovered in the talon. A venue in a contemporary, elegant design with high-end features for any business event. Our customers also appreciate not only the service provided by an experienced professional team, but also enjoy the security of a great Austrian brand.

Dr. Karl Stoss, President of the Austrian Lotteries

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