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Crazy Shoe Award

Who creates the craziest shoe across the country? On April 28, designers from all over Europe responded to this question with creations like "Love it to Bits", "Töröt and Squeak", "London's Number One", or the "Hedgehog Shoe". At the ceremony of the "Crazy Shoe Award 2016", the most imaginative creations were admired and appraised at close range on the catwalk at Studio 44. In this year’s edition, Austrian designers were ranked in the first three places.

For the ninth time this year, the "Crazy Shoe Award" was awarded to Europe's craziest shoes. The prize is annually awarded by the Viennese Shoemakers' Guild. The prize recognizes the artisanal ingenuity and creativity. The call for the design of the most inventive shoes is sent to all shoemaker companies, shoe designers and shoe manufacturers in Europe. The jury consisting of experts and a celebrity juror - this year's celebrity was Chris Lohner - selects and awards the prizes to the winners at this event.

The only restriction: The presented crazy shoe has to be in a wearable condition. Although some shoes did not really look comfortable, the models easily walked in them along the catwalk.

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